ABCs Of Drug Testing

Dilution is the process by which the concentration of drug metabolites present in thekeep-calm-and-pass-the-test urine sample is reduced. It involves filling the urine sample with water that will have been introduced beforehand (in most toilets of the laboratories there is no washbasin and the water toilets are often colored in blue).

Pay close attention to the temperature of the drug test sample since many laboratories exercise control over the process. If the sample is too colorless, it will raise suspicions, be careful not to overdo it. This method is not quite reliable, so take a look at another one.

The milkshake blend – This kind of shake is made from carbohydrates and natural herbs help eliminate toxins, improves digestion and increases blood flow. An hour after ingestion, it hides the THC in the urine for four to five hours. For best results, you have to follow the directions to the latter.

Falsify the drug test sample

Some recommend adding two drops of bleach to the urine sample. If you add chlorine, the reagent used later in the analysis to detect the presence of drugs will not change. These tampering methods are difficult to implement, thus have no guarantee of reliability and require the introduction of another element. If you have to introduce something, introduce another individual’s urine or synthetic urine.

The urine checks are done in privacy. The employee in charge of the urine sample gives you a vial and takes you to the toilet where you urinate in the most delightful settings. Many have trouble urinating when someone is next to look at their penis as if they were looking at an alien.

You can ask a friend to accompany you and before entering you ask him to urinate in a bottle that you will keep with you. In the toilets of the laboratory, you put in your bottle his urine and that is it, the work is done. You are sure that the sample is at the right temperature when you give it to the employee. But, after this service, do not forget to thank your friend for inviting him to have a drink.

In the event that a laboratory employee insists on seeing you urinate, the Germans, always ahead, have created a silicone penis connected to a plastic bladder through a tube. It suffices to introduce artificial urine into this artificial bladder. There are black and white. If you are black and you go out a white penis like snow you may have a problem.

The only problem with this method is that the temperature of the urine may not be good and raise suspicions, in addition to being quite expensive. Girls also have the right to tamper with the analysis.

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